Instructional Coaching and Modeling

Instructional coaching and modeling occur over a two-three day school visit in which our consultants will schedule a pre-conference with the teacher or team of teachers to establish and clarify the coaching inquiry of focus. All coaching sessions are grounded in anti-racist and culturally responsive practices. Co-planning roles are defined and executed during the pre-conference. Usually, co-planning is the focus of the first full day. On the second day, the focus shifts from co-planning to co-teaching followed by the post-conference, which includes the lesson debrief and action steps.

What They’re Saying

Darnell is an exceptional trainer, leader, and relationship-builder. He possesses the rare combination of being a deep listener, the thoughtfulness to ask the right questions, and the wisdom and emotional intelligence to find the right solutions to address individual needs while meeting group goals. Darnell’s life and professional experiences have uniquely prepared him to do his work with passion and excellence every day. His commitment and dedication to social justice and equity have been steadfast and have only gotten stronger throughout the twenty-plus years I’ve known him. Any organization would be lucky to work with him and to allow his insights to guide their efforts toward creating a more just society.

(Kelly Ramirez, Founder and Principal, Press Play Communications)

I have known Darnel Thigpen Williams for about 6.5 years. We have worked together with our colleagues in efforts to move our current organization forward toward a shared vision of equity and social justice. We have co-facilitated several ABAR (Anti-bias/Anti-racism) PD Sessions for school districts and I can attest to Darnell's ability to provide deeply transformational PD. Darnell is very knowledgeable about culturally responsive and sustaining pedagogy and supports educators to be able to take on equity issues in schools with a thoughtful and skilled approach to identifying which pedagogical tools will support learning and transformation. Darnell's commitment to equity is reflected in his life's work. This commitment is demonstrated through his antiracism work at CES, but also in the college classes that he teaches. His life's work is liberation. He is a kind, organized, dependable, honest, knowledgeable, and skilled "warm-demander" and people around him always want to do their best. Darnell is an excellent educator and leader.

(Keri "Safire" DeJong, Ed.D. Social Justice & Equity Specialist, Collaborative for Educational Services)